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About Frëtt

À propos de Frëtt

Label's background

Frëtt Design team started a women’s clothing label in 1997.  From the beginning, they have developed the original idea of integrating fur pieces into wildly coloured merino wool knits. Frëtt designs had immediate succes and her collections soon traveled across Canada, the USA and to Europe. WHY FRËTT !? At its inception, clothing where only manufactured one Fall-Winter collection annually. Frëtt"s creations are to protect from the FRËTT ! (Quebec slang word for Very very cold! :)

Gaspé Peninsula

In 2006, Frëtt set their sights on local small scale production and moved workshop to Caplan in Gaspésie (East of Québec). In these new headquarters a new spring-summer line was born favouring the use of natural fibers and comfortable cuts. In 2007, Frëtt ventured into making clothes for men using warm merino and alpaca knits and supple organic linens and cottons; fabrics that have become the designer’s mainstay since.


Inspired by Gaspésie and authenticity , Frëtt team creates, manufactures and distributes sustainable, original, ethical and comfortable clothing in high-quality materials; for women and men of all silhouettes. Fashion in the concern of a sustainable development for our economy and ecologically conscious of our planet.

Frëtt is a resolutely eco-responsible company. The environment, the use of natural and organic materials and local manufacturing are at the heart of the company's collection creation and business decisions.



Team and stores

Frëtt Design is a company employing over 10 people. The workshop-boutique is located in Caplan, in the Baie-des-Chaleurs, Gaspésie.
Since November 2013, a Frëtt boutique is now in Montreal at 1120 Beaubien East (corner of Christophe-Colomb).
All our products are made in Quebec.

Frëtt Corpo

Since 2016, in addition to our own collections, we have been manufacturing promotional clothing made locally from organic cotton! Classics such as unisex t-shirts and hoodies, but we also work on different and unique designs for everyone: jackets, shirts, merino hats, wool and more! From the manufacture of organic cotton fabric to the finished product, we ensure that the companies we collaborate with can offer a local, ecological and quality product to their customers and employees.

For more information on corporate products, visit the web page Frëtt Éco Corpo