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Organic bamboo and cotton knits made in Quebec

Tricots de bambou et coton biologiques faits au Québec

This wonderfully soft and durable Organic fabric has been completely manufactured and dyed in Quebec! 

Composition: 66% Organic Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton, 6% Spandex

For our collection, we have two types of knits: jersey for a smooth, soft texture and the rib for his great stretch property, which maintains and is ultra durable!

The combination of the two textures of knits, combined with two organic ingredients (with touch of spandex for incredible outfit) will give you clothes paces with practical and ecological characteristics!


It is believed that the origin of bamboo is China, the number of species being represented there being much higher than in the other parts of the globe.

They are naturally present on the entire surface of the earth except for Europe (where they were implanted) and the poles.

Organic cotton has a lot less pressure on the environment. Its culture is made more smoothly: it applies techniques that do not use chemicals, which use less water, which promote biodiversity and the maintenance of a healthy environment by banning GMOs. "

Organic cotton has earned over the years an enviable position on the textile market. Although its production represents only 0.1% of the market, it is growing 35% annually since 2001.

Garment Features

66% organic bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 6% spandex

Machine washable in cold water

Hang to dry, no dryer!

Frëtt's touch Organic bamboo and cotton knits made in Quebec