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Cotton twill (serge) hyper ressistant

Toile de coton twill (sergé) ultra résistante

Composition: 97% cotton and 3% spandex. It is a little stretch for comfort!

Available in Black or Camel.

This cotton fabric called "twill"  is actually a cotton canvas! We can also say THE SERGE!

Serge is a French word derived from the Latin serica, himself descended from the Greek word σηρικος (serikos), which means "made ​​of silk." The term is used twill for a garment made ​​of serge.

The rim is one of three main weaves. Thus, the rim means all textiles produced by this type of weaving that are characterized by the presence of oblique ribs on the top and are united on the underside.

It remains VERY beautiful even after 20 washes!

Garment Features


97% cotton, 3% spandex

Wash BEFORE you make your hem as it narrowed slightly in length!

Machine wash in cold water

Hang to dry

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